If you have been curious about those clear aligners you see online, don’t be. While there are quite a few mail order braces on your social media pages, it’s best to scroll on by.

While the ads may be attractive, those online braces can actually do more harm than good and are nothing like Invisalign® from Xceptional Dental in San Diego.

No Monitoring with Online Clear Aligners

clear-aligners_Invisalign_San_DiegoYou may think a doctor monitors your new braces, but you can never be too sure. All you do is send in pictures of your teeth and an impression from the kit that is sent to you, and your new sets of aligners are delivered to your door with a set of instructions. There are no x-rays or an examination.

It’s important to note that clear aligners aren’t for everyone. People who have severely tipped or crooked teeth might be attracted, but it’s those people that usually aren’t good candidates. Patients with severe problems will probably need conventional wires and brackets for best results.

As a licensed provider of Invisalign® clear aligners Dr. Janette Larsen understands how important monitoring is when it comes to clear aligners. Without monitoring, your teeth could be pushed in the wrong position. Those new positions could be permanent.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners in San Diego

If you have been considering clear aligners, schedule a no obligation Invisalign® consultation with Xceptional Smiles. Dr. Larsen with thoroughly examine your smile before recommending any type of cosmetic dentistry.

If you are a good fit for Invisalign®, your cosmetic dentist in San Diego will take digital pictures, x-rays and an impression. These important items are sent to the Invisalign® manufacturer who will custom made between 11 and 31 sets of aligners. You will swap out for a new set every 7 to 14 days depending on your Invisalign® prescription.

It’s important to wear your aligners 22 hours every day. The only time you remove your aligners is when you eat, brush, and floss.

Is Invisalign® Safe?

Because you are under a doctor’s care, you can be assured that your Invisalign® aligners are safe. Unlike mail order braces, you won’t be flying solo. You’ll see Dr. Larsen and her team every six weeks to make sure that your Invisalign® is going according to plan.

Unlike conventional wires, you won’t have to worry about broken wires or brackets. You also won’t have to worry about tooth decay or gum disease as long as you practice good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing underneath is impossible with wires and brackets.

If you would like to learn more about Invisalign® clear plastic aligners, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with Xceptional Dental in San Diego today.