Periodic Hygiene (Cleanings)

One of the most important services provided by Xceptional Dental are typically called ‘Dental Cleanings’. Although you may believe the cleaning and polishing of your teeth are the sole focus, these appointments include a thorough disinfection and removal of hard tartar as well as an assessment of your dental health. Dental X-rays are a critical part of periodic examinations to identify decay, cracks and hidden problems that are not visible.

You’ll note that we also measure your ‘gum pockets’, the gap that can indicate bone loss in your jaw. We also perform cancer screening and health assessment of your soft tissues within your mouth and upper throat. In fact, Dr. Larsen was instrumental in diagnosing an oral cancer lesion when it was missed multiple times by her general physician. Little escapes our examinations, including looking for signs of dental erosion that can indicate acid-reflux and sleep apnea problems. We are concerned with the overall health of your mouth and our Periodic Hygiene treatments are a vital part.