Single Implant - Anterior/Front tooth

While restoring anterior (front) teeth is a basic restorative procedure, creating an esthetic smile through restoration of the anterior teeth demanding in two ways: 1. It must look like a natural tooth while matching the surrounding teeth, and 2. The implant must be well placed in the jaw bone while both the implant and crown together create a strong, permanent replacement for the original tooth.

One of the most challenging restorative procedures for dentists to perform is the replacement of a single anterior tooth. There are so many factors that play into these single restorations to recreate the beauty, form and function to provide the natural result. It can seem like an overwhelming task to achieve success in these situations. But in spite of these difficulties, the replacement of the missing tooth through implant therapy can be a predictable and straightforward process.

Implants offer patients a wonderful alternative to fixed bridges and partial dentures. Through dental implant treatment, we are able to give patients confidence in chewing, long-term stability of the bone and gingival tissues, and a beautiful smile by “keeping a one tooth problem a one tooth problem.”