If it has been a while since you have lightened your teeth don’t go to your local pharmacy. Instead schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening in San Diego.

Those over the counter products that you so dearly love aren’t doing your teeth any favors. In fact, it’s quite the contrary.

Non-Prescription Tooth Whiteners

Non-prescription tooth whiteners such as trays, strips, gels, pastes and rinses aren’t as strong as what you will find at Xceptional Dental.

In fact, over the counter whiteners are quite a bit weaker than professional teeth whitening products. So much so that people abuse them using twice as much product for longer than is recommended.

Sadly some people have teeth that are very sensitive and teeth that actually look blue because of tooth whitener abuse.

Professional Teeth Whitening in San Diego

Dr. Janette Larsen is a cosmetic dentist in San Diego who offers professional teeth whitening for patients, and potential ones.

Most people with natural teeth are excellent candidates and will enjoy a dazzling smile that, unlike over the counter whiteners is carefully monitored.

Xceptional Dental offers both in office and take home custom made trays for whiter teeth in a hour or a brighter smile in a couple of weeks.

Lunch Hour Professional Teeth Whitening with KöR

Spend your lunch hour at the dentist in San Diego for a professional teeth whitening session. In just a little over sixty minutes your teeth will be 8 to ten shades brighter than when you first sat in the dental chair.

The amazing patented tooth whitening system is gentle on teeth and is the only product you’ll find that actually gets rid of impossible interior stains.

That’s right. If your teeth are stained from too much fluoride or antibiotic use KöR is the only professional system that will work on those types of stains.

Lighten Your Teeth at Home

With KöR take home whitening trays you can gradually and gently lighten teeth. The custom made trays are nothing like the one size fits all trays from the pharmacy. Those trays aren’t safe as the product has a tendency to seep over into your gums causing damage.

Depending on your prescription it will take about 14 days to brighten your dull, stained teeth up to 8 shades.

Custom trays are also great to use as in between yearly KöR sessions in San Diego.

Keep in mind that if you have restorations tooth whitening will not work. If veneers, crowns and tooth colored fillings are stained talk to Xceptional Dental about restoration or replacement.

A Professional Teeth Whitening Appointment in San Diego

If you would like to brighten your smile, call or send a text and schedule a professional teeth whitening session with Dr. Larsen and her team today.