If you have old restorations that should be replaced, call and talk to Xceptional Dental.

The best dentist in San Diego has the experience and expertise to replace tooth colored fillings, cosmetic dental crowns, or porcelain veneers. When you have your old restorations repaired or replaced, you will feel better as well.

Old Restorations Cause Problems

Old silver amalgam fillings can chip, crack, and leak over time. Fillings will also contract and expand if damaged. Once that happens food debris, saliva and bacteria will make their way to the healthy part of your tooth.

Because it is impossible to floss or brush under a filling, new decay starts to form in the same tooth that has the filling. In other words, you could have two or even three new cavities in the same restored tooth. However, there is much more to be concerned with if you have broken or cracked fillings.

Overall Health and Old Fillings and Crowns

According to Dr. Janette Larsen, old restorations can also cause health problems. The jury is still out when it comes to mercury being toxic in silver amalgam fillings.

Fillings contain zinc, silver, copper, tin, and about 50 percent mercury. If your old silver amalgam fillings are leaking, the mercury is going straight into your blood stream. This is another reason to have your old restorations checked and repaired or possibly replaced.

Restorations Should Be Checked Often

Xceptional Smiles in San Diego recommends twice-yearly appointments to check old fillings, old dental crowns, old dental implants, and old porcelain veneers

Of course, if you notice a chip or crack or you have a toothache under a filling it’s important to schedule a dental appointment as quickly as possible.

If your old restorations haven’t been checked lately, call and schedule a dental appointment with your dentist in San Diego today.