Dental restoration checkups are just as important as teeth and gums examinations. They are just as important because bad things happen to unhealthy dental restorations.

According to your dentist in Point Loma your fillings, especially if they are old silver amalgam, can cause serious problems for oral and overall health.

Dental Restorations Checkup

Schedule an appointment for a checkup and you will be glad you did, especially if Dr. Janette Larsen detects decay in a tooth that has already been filled.

While most people think you are good to go when you have had your tooth filled or crowned, it isn’t always the case.

Your San Diego dentist explains that composite resin, amalgam and even porcelain fillings can fail and will chip over time, especially if you aren’t diligent with oral health habits.

Good oral health habits mean regular dental checkups. Regular dental checkups prevent failing fillings, crowns and bridges as well.

Why Dental Restorations Fail

According to Xceptional Dental, a gap can sometimes occur in between the tooth and the filling. This is usually the case with old silver amalgam fillings.

Because these types of dental restorations expand and contract over time, the gaps will eventually fill up with debris, bacteria and plaque.

When this happens the healthy part of the tooth will begin to decay. Silver dental restorations also have a propensity to crack. If that happens you are risking mercury leakage as silver amalgam fillings contain mercury.

Other types of dental restorations that are placed with bonding material can also fail if the dentist didn’t bond the tooth correctly.

Replace Dental Restorations

Your San Diego cosmetic dentist explains that all failing dental restorations must be replaced in a timely fashion, if neglected the situation will only get worse. Cavities get bigger and if left unattended will require a dental crown.

Mercury poisoning is real as older amalgam fillings contain around 50 percent mercury along with copper, tin and silver. Older amalgam fillings increase your risk of exposure and poisoning and well.

The best way to avoid problems is to schedule dental checkups that include dental restorations checks as well.

This is the only way you will know if your fillings and crowns are in good shape. It is never a good idea to wait until the tooth starts to hurt.

San Diego Dentist

If you haven’t had your dental restorations checked lately schedule an appointment. Xceptional Dental will make sure that your crowns, fillings and other types of dental restorations are doing what they are supposed to do.

Schedule your appointment in Point Loma today.