Xceptional Dental in San Diego explains that nearly 75 percent of the American population suffers from some level of dental anxiety. In that same group, five to ten percent of them have extreme dental phobia. Sadly, skipping the dentist because of dental anxiety will make the cavity bigger and gum disease worse.

Dr. Janette Larsen from Xceptional Dental understands that dental anxiety is frustrating but has some tools to help you overcome your mild to moderate dental fear.

dental_anxiety_San_DiegoWhat is Dental Fear?

Dental anxiety usually stems from a bad experience. However, if a family member or friend has shared horror stories about the dentist it could be part of the problem as well.

For some, the sound of the drill or other dental tools makes them anxious. For others, having someone in their space is so uncomfortable that it makes them claustrophobic. Whatever the reason, dental anxiety is real. Sadly, avoiding the dentist in San Diego because of dental fear only makes procedures more involved and less conservative.

Why Dental Fear Makes Things Worse

A small cavity is an easy fix and takes a single dental appointment. In fact, you probably won’t be in the chair for more than 30 to 45 minutes. However, if you haven’t seen a dentist because of that dull ache, you could be up for a more intensive procedure.

Small cavities get bigger. Those big cavities often require a root canal and dental crown. Ignoring the dentist in San Diego out of fear also makes gum disease worse.

Xceptional Dental explains that there are two types of gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Both infect gums making them red and swollen, people with gum disease also suffer from bleeding gums.

Gingivitis is curable while periodontal disease is not. If left untreated gingivitis will eventually turn into periodontitis. If periodontal disease is left untreated, you could lose your teeth.

Combating Dental Anxiety in San Diego

Your dentist in San Diego has everything you need to relax and get your teeth and gums looked after. You really are treated like family the minute you walk through the door.

If you suffer from dental anxiety don’t let your teeth and gums suffer. Call or make an appointment online with Xceptional Dental. Dr. Larsen and her team are ready to help you relax so that you can have the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve.

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