If you are tired of your chipped and cracked teeth, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Xceptional Dental in San Diego. Firstly, your smile will thank you for it. Secondly, your body will too.

Furthermore, damaged teeth not only affect your self-confidence, but can also play a vital role in overall health.

Chipped and Cracked Teeth and Overall Health

If you follow Dr. Larsen’s dental blog you will know that gum disease, which can be caused by damaged teeth has been linked to other disease including COPD and stroke. In addition, some research has even found a link between Alzheimer’s disease and periodontitis.

Chipped and cracked teeth make it easier for bacteria to get into the tooth or teeth. In most cases the enamel is worn making it a breeze for bacteria to invade the inside of the tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

If chipped and cracked teeth have dead nerves Dr. Janette Larsen recommends root canal therapy to save the tooth. Consequently, root canal therapy is the best way to remove the nerves and pulp from the tooth without extracting the tooth.

If your dentist in San Diego recommends root canal therapy, the roots of the tooth are scrubbed clean to remove the dead pulp and nerves.

After removal the roots are cleaned and sealed for protection. In some cases medication may be placed in the roots to clear any infection.

Finally, the restored tooth is replaced with a dental crown to protect it. This protects the restored tooth from damage.

Chipped and Cracked Teeth

Another issue is the problems they cause for healthy teeth. Chipped and cracked teeth can sometimes cause other teeth to move or shift. When this occurs there could be additional problems with your Temporomandibular joint or your bite.

Dental Sedation for Anxiety

If your dental anxiety has kept you out of the dental chair in San Diego, call and schedule an appointment with Xceptional Dental. Dental sedation is the answer and will prevent problems from getting worse.

It really is possible to visit the dentist without fear whether you take a pill the night before or agree to laughing gas on the day of the procedure.

Dental Care in San Diego

You don’t have to have chipped and cracked teeth. Call or send a text and schedule an appointment with a team member from Xceptional Dental. Your smile will thank you for it. Call now.