Seeing an experienced cosmetic dentist in San Diego for a smile assessment should be the first thing on your mind. This is especially important if you are on the verge.

Procedures that go beyond restorative require continued education. Think about this, would you want to be first in line for veneers? Probably not if your cosmetic dentist didn’t have the education or the experience.

Why Experience and Education Matters

According to Dr. Janette Larsen from Xceptional Dental, bad things happen to good people who put their teeth and gums in the hands of an inexperienced cosmetic dentist.

Because the ADA or American Dental Association doesn’t recognize cosmetic dentistry and the procedures as a specialty, anyone can watch a YouTube video and add veneers or professional teeth whitening to the list of services. It can be very risky when you put your mouth in the hands of a dentist who hasn’t continued his or her education.

Those Teeth that Just Don’t Look Right

Everyone has seen a friend, family member or just someone on the street whose teeth were too big, too white or just didn’t suit their face shape. Rest assured the cosmetic dentist who placed the veneers or cosmetic crowns or the dentist who shaped and bonded the resin probably wasn’t trained very well, if at all.

Laying porcelain veneers and placing cosmetic dental crowns is an art. It takes experience to create a dental restoration from impressions, x-rays, and digital pictures.

Dr. Larsen and her team are experienced when it comes to the fine art of cosmetic dentistry regardless of your situation.

When you work with an experienced cosmetic dentist in San Diego, you will see a difference.  Your smile will look much more natural than your best friend’s who decided to save a buck or two on dental bonding.

Assessing the Situation with a Cosmetic Dentist

One of the most important parts of a cosmetic dentistry consultation is assessment. Before your the team can begin with anything, a plan must be agreed on. Thanks to digital imagery and pictures, you and Dr. Larsen will be able to make an informed decision when it comes to your restorative and cosmetic dentistry needs.

A Cosmetic Dentist for a New Smile

If you have been curious about cosmetic dentistry, call, text or book a consultation online.

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