Make the rest of your life the best of your life with a new smile. Xceptional Dental in San Diego has the skills you need to give you a beautiful smile.

Even if you haven’t set foot in a dentist’s office in years you can still enjoy the finer things with a beautiful new smile.

Dr. Janette Larsen believes everyone deserves a second chance, even those who haven’t been as diligent as they should have been with oral hygiene.

The team from Xceptional Dental is a compassionate dental practice in San Diego and could care less what you did in the past.

All this cosmetic dentist cares about is your smile now and what can be done to get it back to health.

A Smile Environment is Everything

When you step inside this dental practice in San Diego you will be met with a smile and a friendly hello.

You will feel relaxed when you have a seat, a sparkling water or hot cup of coffee. While your treatment room is prepared you can listen to music, enjoy free WiFi or have a read of the most up to date magazines on the planet.

Once you are settled into your customized treatment room you will have even more reason to relax and smile as Dr. Larsen and her team offer blankets, neck pillows, charging stations for your devices and even satellite TV with headphones.

You will never feel like you are in a dentist’s office. Especially when you become a patient of Xceptional Dental in San Diego.

The Best Solutions

In addition to feeling relaxed you will never feel nervous either. Xceptional Dental also offers dental sedation for patients suffering from dental anxiety.

With sedation dentistry in San Diego the only thing you will remember about your visit is arriving and leaving.

The rest of your dental experience will not even be a memory. After all, no memory of dental procedures is what sedation dentistry is all about isn’t it?

The Best Equipment

Another reason to become a patient of this dentist is San Diego is technology. Dr. Larsen and her team pride themselves on offering the latest and greatest dental technology. You won’t have to worry about old equipment when you are seated in the dental chair.

Your New Smile is Waiting

Spend the rest of your life with a new smile in San Diego. Xceptional Dental is ready to turn your life around with exceptional treatments that you won’t find anywhere else.

Send a direct message and schedule a smile consultation today.