If your teeth and gums are saying please help me, it’s time to call and schedule an appointment with a dentist in San Diego. Regular dental appointments are like habits, but good ones.

It’s easy to forget bi annual dental appointments, especially if you are a bit skittish when it comes to sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Thankfully, Dr. Jeanette Larsen puts everyone at ease with her compassionate dental practice in San Diego.

You’ll Feel Right at Home with this Dentist

Xceptional Dental truly is exceptional, a place that you will feel welcome and right at home.

While most people wouldn’t consider the dental practice as comfy as home, Xceptional Dental disagrees.

This San Diego dentist has been voted the most popular dentist time and time again and it is easy to see why.

A Caring Dental Practice in San Diego

For some the dentist’s office is the last place on earth that they would like to be. Unfortunately, that makes thing worse in the long run with small toothaches getting more painful. Waiting to see your dentist in San Diego also means accelerated gum disease.

Gum Disease is Serious

If you follow this dental blog you will recall how dangerous gum disease is to your teeth and gums and the rest of your body.

Because there is a link between diseased gums and overall health being proactive about dental care is vital if you want to keep your teeth.

Research shows that the number one reason people lose teeth is poor oral hygiene. Keep in mind that poor oral hygiene doesn’t always mean a lack of brushing and flossing.

Dr. Larsen explains that poor oral hygiene also means a lack of regular dental checkups and professional cleanings.

There are two types of gum disease to watch out for. The two types of disease are gingivitis, which Xceptional Dental can cure, and periodontitis, which Dr. Larsen, or anyone else for that matter, cannot.

Steer Clear of Gum Disease

The best way to keep your teeth and gums from screaming at you is to schedule a routine and stick to it.

Xceptional Dental will track your progress giving you plenty of notice between appointments. That means you won’t have to worry about your gingivitis progressing to periodontal disease.

Along with regular checkups your dentist in San Diego recommends twice yearly professional cleanings. Moreover, if you are prone to gum disease deep cleanings may also be recommended on a more frequent basis.

For more information regarding dental checkups in San Diego, send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Dr. Larsen and her team today.