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What We Offer

cosmetic dentistry

With hundreds of hours of postgraduate training Dr. Larsen continues to hone her skills as a cosmetic dentist. Dr. Larsen understands the need to make your smile fit both your facial features as well as your bite. A beautiful set of teeth is the objective, but they must also function in daily use and not result in jaw pain or fatigue.

apnea description

Sleep related breathing disorders have become a critical concern for many people, yet this condition is also missed in most regular physical exams. We have all heard of the trucker that has fallen asleep at the wheel, but sleeping disorders are a problem not just for employers. Anyone can be affected by this condition. Not only are people less productive and falling asleep at critical times; medical studies have confirmed that serious medical conditions are likely caused by sleeping problems and the inability to breathe freely during sleep. For all these reasons, Dr. Larsen may be your best resource to help you address this condition.

While there can be a great many causes for sleep related breathing disorders, the most common is caused by a restriction or obstruction of the airway at the back of the throat. This condition is generally termed “Obstructive Sleep Apnea” or OSA. A less-severe form of obstruction is simple Snoring, but it is now thought that Snoring is a pre-cursor to the onset of OSA. In all cases, these medical conditions can have a range of impact; from mild, to moderate, to severe. As a dentist, Dr. Larsen is concerned with your overall health as it relates to your mouth. Please ask us to review your concerns about sleep related breathing disorders.

Sleep apnea patients dissatisfied with their current CPAP treatment are looking for alternatives to solve their sleep and snoring problems. Many can now turn to a dental solution in hopes of finding a less invasive and more comfortable form of treatment. We address the problems of a closed airway during sleep by making custom dental appliances that reposition the lower jaw and tongue in order to keep the airway open. Dental Appliance Therapy has been confirmed to be effective for relief for mild to moderate Apnea and most forms of snoring.

Dr. Larsen and the team at Xceptional Dental will address a variety of dental needs that will correct problems in your mouth and may have alternative treatments. As an example, the use of dental implants is a great improvement in the alternative to dentures and dental bridges. Dr. Larsen will help you understand your choices and together you will decide a course of treatment. Below are a sample of these Other Services available at Xceptional Dental.

Mercury-Free Fillings
Get rid of your mercury fillings

There are many important advantages to using composite fillings and replacing your mercury-based, amalgam fillings:

  • The color is the same as your natural tooth, so the filling will be invisible.
  • Composite fillings will not darken the tooth like silver amalgam fillings.
  • The composite material bonds directly to your natural tooth, unlike silver amalgam.
  • Less of your natural tooth structure is removed to apply a composite filling.
  • The seal formed between the tooth and composite helps prevent future tooth decay.
  • There is less post-operative tooth sensitivity with composite fillings.

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Dental Implants
Dr. Janette Larsen D.M.D. dental implants san diego ca

Dental implants have become your best option if you are missing a tooth, several teeth, or even if you are missing all of your teeth.  They not only look just like your natural teeth, they function and feel just like them.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial root that is then typically covered with a porcelain crown.  There are two main components to this treatment;  the surgical installation of the metal implant, and the restoration of the dental surface.

The surgical phase is performed by a dental specialist, typically a periodentist or oral surgeon.  The implant, or root replacement, is precisely placed in your jawbone and the gum sealed around the site.  This implant and the bone fuse together during the 3 to 6-month healing process.  This process is called osseo-integration and it firmly anchors the implant to the bone structure.  Now the restoration can begin.

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Digital XRays and Photos
Dr. Janette Larsen D.M.D. xrays dentistry san diego ca

Digital Radiography is similar in result to traditional x-rays but with the major benefit of reducing your exposure to radiation by 90% as well as being faster and more comfortable for you. The digital x-ray is produced by placing into your mouth a sensor that looks like a piece of film with a wire attached to it. This sensor is positioned according to what has to be x-rayed. The x-ray is taken and immediately a computer generated image appears on a screen right before your eyes. Because these images are digital they can be enlarged and enhanced. This provides the doctor with an even better and clearer picture with which to make a more accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Janette Larsen D.M.D. dentures in san diego

If you are missing some or all of your teeth, you may be considering dentures. Complete dentures are a removable appliance and for many people are typically the first treatment that comes to mind.

Limitations With Dentures

Although, dentures are a relatively affordable way to replace missing teeth, it is important to realize that they do have limitations. Although accepted as the dental solution in the past, many favorable new alternatives are available.

A denture patient's chewing efficiency is greatly reduced since the teeth are not anchored into the jawbone. Even the best made set will move around slightly because they rest on movable gum tissue. Over time this rubbing can cause painful sores. Loose dentures also affect your speech and pronunciation.

The most serious problem is a condition known as facial collapse. Using dentures over the course of 10 to 20 years will result in the shrinking of your jawbone. This is because your body no longer senses that the bone is needed and resorbs it. This process occurs so that the minerals can be used in other parts of the body. The face gradually tends to become shriveled and sunken in which makes an individual with facial collapse appear much older than they are. As the bones shrink, the fit of the denture must be adjusted.

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Laser Gum Therapy
odyssey laser dental treatment

At Xceptional Dental, we utilize the latest laser technology to keep your gums as healthy as possible. As part of your dental cleaning, you may have recommended a treatment called "Laser Gum Therapy" (LGT).

This is an alternative treatment to other traditional scaling and root planing techniques. In the LGT procedure, a dental laser is inserted under the gums to gently remove harmful bacteria and diseased tissue from the gum pocket. This procedure allows the body to heal in the natural way while the gum pockets reduce and the teeth become more stable.

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