Treatment Alternatives

cpap machine

Most people have heard of a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. It is usually a small device about the size of a toaster that runs a fan-like air pump. This pump is connected to a flexible hose similar to a very small vacuum cleaner; blowing a pressurized airflow in your throat via a facemask worn during the night. Although somewhat cumbersome, this device is extremely effective in resolving severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Unfortunately, many people will discontinue use of the device because of variety of problems, most often related to discomfort of the mask, the hose and the constant air flow.


Dental Sleep Appliances

A typical mouth guard appliance

For persons with mild to moderate forms of Apnea, there is great alternative in the form of a Dental Sleep Appliance. This appliance resembles a sporting "mouth guard" that fits around the upper and lower teeth, while positioning the lower jaw slightly forward to keep the airway open. This same device is also very effective in reducing or even eliminating the incidence of snoring.



The Video below is a good description of the Dental Sleep Appliance as an alternative to a CPAP machine for resolving Sleep Apnea.


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