Many people have heard of Lumineers, a particular brand of ultra-thin porcelain veneers. This is likely due to the fact that they have been very heavily marketed by Den-Mat company. These veneers are made of an extremely strong type of porcelain and can be an appealing option because they do not require any tooth preparation prior to their application.

Comparison of Lumineers versus traditional porcelain veneers

The main difference is that Lumineers are approximately 0.3 millimeters thick, while traditional porcelain veneers are 0.5 millimeters thick.

Are Lumineers Right for You?

Even though Lumineers are popular, they may not be the best option. Dr. Larsen feels that the end result may not be as esthetically-pleasing as traditional porcelain veneers. This is because there are trademark restrictions on this product that have been put in place by the manufacturer that require them to be made in Den-Mat's laboratory. Therefore, Dr. Larsen is limited in the ways she can customize and manipulate them for your specific case.

Some patients have complained that Lumineers tend to make their smile look bulky or that the teeth look longer. This is because the teeth have not been shaved down, so they aren't as natural looking. Dr. Larsen feels that you need to take something away in order to achieve a truly flawless look. Other patients have even commented that their lip gets stuck on them.

Your Beautiful New Smile

Dr. Larsen wants you to absolutely love your new smile and has implemented her own process to make sure you do. To learn more about the application process that Dr. Larsen uses, please visit our porcelain veneers page.

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