Mercury Free Dentistry
Get rid of your mercury fillings

There are many important advantages to using composite fillings and replacing your mercury-based, amalgam fillings:

  • The color is the same as your natural tooth, so the filling will be invisible.
  • Composite fillings will not darken the tooth like silver amalgam fillings.
  • The composite material bonds directly to your natural tooth, unlike silver amalgam.
  • Less of your natural tooth structure is removed to apply a composite filling.
  • The seal formed between the tooth and composite helps prevent future tooth decay.
  • There is less post-operative tooth sensitivity with composite fillings.

What are the details?

Gone are the days when tooth trauma and cavities could only be treated with unsightly metal fillings containing about 50% mercury.  Today, tooth colored composite filling materials can be bonded to your teeth for a stronger, more natural looking effect.

Two major breakthroughs in the 1990's occurred which made composite fillings rival, then surpass, mercury amalgam filllings.  The first was composite filling material was made strong enough to withstand the wear and heavy chewing forces on back teeth.  The second advance was the development of adhesive bonding technology that ensured a tight and impervious seal with the natural tooth material.  Dr. Larsen long ago embraced this dental bonding technology and does not use mercury amalgam fillings.  In fact, Dr. Larsen has attended several advanced classes in the techniques to create a natural-looking repair for all types of chipped and undersized teeth. 

Although the American Dental Association continues to consider mercury amalgam as a safe material, there are many people that have safety concerns about having mercury placed within their mouth.  There are many benefits in choosing white composite fillings that supplement this safety concern.  Composite fillings make your teeth stronger, they are less likely to weaken and further decay, and they are beautiful and natural looking.

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