Laser Gum Therapy
odyssey laser dental treatment

At Xceptional Dental, we utilize the latest laser technology to keep your gums as healthy as possible. As part of your dental cleaning, you may have recommended a treatment called "Laser Gum Therapy" (LGT).

This is an alternative treatment to other traditional scaling and root planing techniques. In the LGT procedure, a dental laser is inserted under the gums to gently remove harmful bacteria and diseased tissue from the gum pocket. This procedure allows the body to heal in the natural way while the gum pockets reduce and the teeth become more stable.

Laser Dentristy at Xceptional Dental

There are many benefits for the patients in laser gum therapy. There is no cutting of the gum tissue and there are no stitches involved. This means less pain and faster recovery for patients. LGT also preserves gum tissue instead of cutting it away. Likewise, the root surface is not exposed and post-procedure sensitivity is minimized.

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